Be a part of helping children go to school, receive medical treatment, and their families become self-sustaining.

Protecting children | Preserving families | Promoting independence.

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We want to help children remain with their families

Your tax-deductible gifts will enable us to continue to see patients at the HOPE Clinic, provide formula for the moms and babies in our Formula for Babies ministry, sponsor children to attend school in our Tuition for Transformation program, and feed and do sports with our Saturday Kids program children. And more. We are working with families to make meaningful wages through our HOPE Economic program. HOPE's overarching goal is orphan prevention.

We seek to help vulnerable families stay together, as well as to encourage extended families and communities to care for the orphans among them. We desire to walk alongside them helping through our school sponsorships (HOPE Education), health care (HOPE Medical), and economic development (HOPE Economic). We are committed to providing at-risk families and children in our target area a viable alternative to traditional orphan care in Haiti. Would you consider a donation to help us prevent orphans and keep families together? A one time or recurring donation of any amount will help. Thank you and God bless you as you help us work to protect children, preserve families, and promote independence.

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